1995 High Times Cannabis Cup

The 8th annual High Times Cannabis Cup was held In Amsterdam between 22nd - 25th November. This years event attracted over 1500 judges with a record 21 Coffeeshops entering the competition. Five seed companies (Sensi Seed Bank, Serious Seeds, Dutch Passion, Sagarmatha Seeds and Seeds of Courage) entered with 2 growers from the United States, 1 from Canada and 1 from Switzerland. 
Celebrity judges for this year included Ina May Gaskin, Alex and Allyson Grey, Ed Rosenthal and Chef Ra.

The results of the 8th High Times Cannabis Cup:

Cannabis Cup

1:  Greenhouse Tolstraat - White Widow
2:  Grey Area - Bubble Gum
3:  Darren Morgan - BC Bud

Coffeeshop Cup

1:  De Dampkring
2:  Greenhouse Tolstraat
3:  Lucky Mothers

Bio Cup

1:  Green House Tolstraat - White Widow
2:  Dutch Flowers - White Widow
3:  Lucky Mothers - BubbleGum

Hydro Cup

1:  Green House Tolstraat - Kali Mist
2:  Grey Area - Bubble Gum
3:  Grey Area - Maui Mist

Hash Cup

1:  Bluebird - Nepalese Temple Balls
2:  Green House - Parvati
3:  KGB - Lima Nates

Seed Cup

1:  Sensi Seeds
2:  Serious Seeds
3:  Sagamartha Seeds


Past Winners of the Cannabis Cup