1994 High Times Cannabis Cup

The 7th annual High Times Cannabis Cup was held in November In Amsterdam and was the first year to include a Hemp expo with the opening ceremonies taking place at the Melkweg.

3 seed companies (Sensi Seed Bank, Cerebral Seeds and Positronics) entered into this years event and also 15 coffeeshops in a seperate category. 

The results of the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup:

Cannabis Cup

1:  Sensi Seeds - Jack Herer
2:  Green House Tolstraat - Citral Skunk
3:  Grey Area - AK-47

Coffeeshop Cup

1:  Green House Tolstraat
2:  Lucky Mothers
3:  Grey Area

Bio Cup

1:  Green House Tolstraat - 'Citral Skunk'
2:  Positronics - Orange Bud
3:  Positronics - Northern Lights

Hydro Cup

1: Green House Tolstraat - Master Kush
2:  Cerebral Seeds - AK47
3:  Cerebral Seeds - Hydro Chronic

Hash Cup

1:  Green House Tolstraat - Indian Charas Malana
2:  Green House Tolstraat - Nepalese Double Zero
3:  Picasso - Nepalese Temple Balls


Past Winners of the Cannabis Cup