1993 High Times Cannabis Cup

The 6th annual High Times Cannabis Cup was held in November In Amsterdam. This year was the first where coffeeshops and seed companies competed for seperate cups in different categories.

This was also the first year where judging was open to the public. 50 people signed up to a late call by High Times Magazine after the changes were made and the budget had been a lot smaller than previous years. Funding was enhanced by judges having to pay to take part in what would be a benchmark Cannabis Cup for all of the future events. 

4 seed companies entered (Dutch Passion, NHV, Nirvana and Sensi Seed Bank) and 15 Coffeeshops of Amsterdam with 7 from outside also entering. 

Special guest judges for this years events included Jack Herer, Paul Krassner and Sebastian Bach.

Cannabis Cup

Green House Tolstraat - Silver Pearl

Seed Cup

Sensi Seeds - NL 5 x Haze


Past Winners of the Cannabis Cup